Rj45 Wire Connector

Rj45 wire connector is divided into four standards: sinking plate type, on-board type, under-board type and general type. It is composed of plastic body and terminals, and some have metal shells, which can be used for shielding. The plastic body RJ45 wire connector is resistant to high pressure and flame retardant, and the special process design can provide at least 750 plug and unplug cycles.

The performance indicators of the RJ45 wire connector interface include weaken, near-end crosstalk, insertion loss, return loss, and far-end crosstalk. The performance of RJ45: the contact resistance is 2.5mΩ, the insulation resistance is 1000mΩ, and the dielectric strength is DC1000V (AC700V), there will be no breakdown and arcing in one minute.
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