The principle and classification of waterproof industrial connector

- 2022-04-29-

Today, your old friend ShenZhen HuaYi-FaDa Technology CO., Ltd. will explain to you the principle and classification of waterproof industrial plugs.
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First, the principle of waterproof industrial


The principle of waterproof industrial plugs means that according to the sealing method and unique design scheme, part of the safety protection of all plugs cannot enter the water. There is also an auxiliary drainage pipe hole in it, so as to avoid the infiltration of water marks from being discharged immediately. , There is a thick silicone ring in the middle of the gap between the plug box and the wall. This is a rubber pad. The key is to avoid the contact between external moisture and the plug, so as to achieve the actual effect of waterproofing.
There is also a waterproof industrial plug that covers the outside of the plug with a layer of plastic grommet. This layer of plastic grommet can isolate the plug from the external gas and block precipitation and moisture in the gas. Electricity is often used in wet and cold areas such as shower rooms, toilets, restaurants and kitchens in the room. It is impossible to use ordinary non-waterproof plugs to ensure that they will not be splashed by water. Therefore, waterproof plugs must be selected.
Waterproof Industrial Plug

2. Classification of waterproof industrial plugs
1. According to the specifications (outer diameter specifications) M12, M14, M15, M16, M18, M19, M20, M23, M24, M28, M34
2. According to the function, LED waterproof plug, waterproof airline plug, waterproof switching power plug, waterproof car plug, DC/AC waterproof plug, multimedia system waterproof plug, waterproof cable plug, power waterproof plug
3. According to the number of cores and their appearance, 1 core to 12 cores, mini plug, standard plug, large D head plug, waterproof electronic wire, SM half-air connection, extension wire joint, T-type three-way waterproof plug, Y name waterproof Plug, one-pull multi-channel waterproof plug
Three, waterproof industrial plug installation
The selection and installation of outdoor waterproof industrial plugs must pay more attention to the following problems than the indoor ones: The waterproof plugs should be installed as far as possible in secret places, and the area of the house against the wall, so that it is not easy to be exposed in rainy days; in rainy days, it is best to Turn off the power outdoors to prevent a power outage. The selection of outdoor waterproof plugs should be more professional, because the plugs must not only be waterproof outdoors, but also must block dust and reduce the embrittlement rate of the plugs.
Although the appearance and design of the waterproof plugs that people see in the sales market are the same, the quality of the waterproof plugs of different well-known brands is very different; therefore, when purchasing, you should choose a waterproof plug of a well-known brand with a safety mark. The country has also divided different level specifications for waterproof plugs, and the higher the level of waterproof plugs, the higher the safety factor. When purchasing an outdoor waterproof industrial plug, you should choose a plug with a higher safety level. Generally, it depends on whether the level has reached IP55, and the level of about IP55 is in compliance with the regulations.