Detailed introduction of M12 waterproof line connector series

- 2022-04-18-

Your best business partner in the future - ShenZhen HuaYi-FaDa Technology CO., Ltd. will give you a detailed introduction of the M12 waterproof cable connector series today.
Our range of M12 5 Pin Waterproof Landscape Lighting Connectors has been recognized by the market for its uncompromising quality!
M12 waterproof line connector series, covering with line, assembled, line-to-line, line-to-board, right-angle adapter and other products.
Assembled M12 waterproof cable connectors are being used more and more for cable connection, especially for LED drive power cables and various occasions that require flexible wiring. In general, there are currently two wiring methods for assembled waterproof connectors: one is solder wiring; the other is locking screw (crimping) wiring.
Features of M12 waterproof cable connector:
1. Waterproof, moisture-proof, rain-proof, sun-proof and corrosion-proof.
2. Flame retardant, anti-oxidation and environmental protection (all products are from green production lines).
3. Improve the production process: The connector simplifies the assembly process of electronic products and also simplifies the mass production process.
4. Easy to maintain: In case of failure, there is no need to clip off the cables, electric plastic sleeves, etc., only need to unscrew both ends of the waterproof connector, which is very convenient for the maintenance of waterproof products such as LED, solar energy, and geothermal.
5. Improve design flexibility: The use of connectors gives engineers greater flexibility when designing and integrating new products and when composing systems with components
Applicable fields
1. Widely suitable for outdoor application connection of various LED products, such as LED strips, LED spot lighting, LED wall washer landscape lighting, LED billboard lighting, LED tunnel lighting, LED flood lighting, LED street lighting and LED outdoor display screen etc.
2. Widely used in coastal, river, lake or underwater engineering, mining engineering, underground engineering, solar water heater, solar wind power generation, food industry, various mechanical equipment, aviation, aerospace, national defense and other communication and power supply fields.