What are the requirements for the storage environment of the waterproof connector?

- 2021-12-29-

As an expert in waterproof connectors, ShenZhen HuaYi-FaDa Technology CO., Ltd. today introduces you to the storage environment requirements of waterproof connectors.
Waterproof connectors usually face a variety of different environmental factors. In the process of transportation and storage, in the process of manufacturing, in the process of installation, maintenance and end-customer use, these environmental factors can be understood as a predetermined situation, which can be subdivided in detail. It is temperature, humidity, corrosion, pollution, internal and external conditions and human factors. It is also necessary to define the duration of exposure to constantly changing conditions to these environmental factors. The storage environment of waterproof connectors varies from controllable clean, heated or air-conditioned, humid warehouses, offices or factories to uncontrollable corresponding environments. Heat, humidity or corrosion will seriously affect the service life of the terminal. In these uncontrollable environments, the storage life of weldability will be greatly reduced due to oxidation, corrosion, and the intensification of intermetallic chemical cooperation; the surface and function of metal devices will be affected by rust, patina and other forms of corrosion. ; Plastics used as insulating materials are also affected by the deterioration of flexibility, strength, and shape. The storage period of waterproof connectors can be long or short, ranging from several months to several years, or as short as several days or weeks. Some require long-term inventory planning for customers, while others will be shipped out immediately after ordering.
By adopting a first-in first-out inventory strategy, a traceable date labeling system, appropriate packaging methods, anti-corrosion methods, improved storage conditions, and appropriate waterproof connector materials and designs, the reliability of waterproof connectors and storage life will be improved. Transportation environment factors involve problems caused by vibrations and collisions during the operation of transportation vehicles and other mechanical devices, roads, and loading and unloading tools. However, extreme temperatures often compound and aggravate the effects of vibration and collision. Waterproof plugs are often exposed to salt spray during shipping. The transportation time is generally predictable, land and air transportation generally take a few days, while sea transportation is as long as one month or several months. If waterproof connectors and packaging materials are to be intact during transportation, they must be resistant to decomposition, deformation, corrosion and extrusion. The following measures are usually taken to improve the reliability of transportation and make the goods reach the destination smoothly: use a reputable carrier, use appropriate packaging materials, strong inner and outer packaging boxes, appropriate linings or fillers, necessary anti-corrosion measures, and Appropriate waterproof plug material and design method.
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