Common Airtightness Testing Methods:

- 2021-11-24-

Common Airtightness Testing Methods:
1.Soaking method, also called direct soaking, it is a waterproof rating test observing whether there is water in the product after putting the product in the water for certain time, the water depth and soaking time correspond to IP levels. 
Disadvantage: once the electronic products enter the water, it may cause irreparable damage, so this isn’t workable for electronic products. 
2.Leak detection, also called indirect water soaking. With a certain pressure of gas into the closed cavity, put the testing products into water (or other liquid), and observe whether there are bubbles leaking out. 
Disadvantage: it is not easy to find and detect very small bubbles by the naked eye.
3.Gas detection,  also called the pressure drop method, is obtained by the precision tester system through a series of sampling, calculation, and analysis through equal air intake, stabilization, detection, to detect the changes in gas pressure and volume, and then according to the leakage rate and the detection, conclusion of OK or NG will be given. It is mainly used for waterproof testing of small household appliances, air tightness testing of medical equipment, and leakage testing of stainless steel containers. 
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