Basic performance of waterproof connector

- 2021-09-30-

Waterproof connectors can be mainly divided into mechanical electrical and environmental performance. The plug-in force is the mechanical product characteristics, and the two development needs of insertion and separation require us to fully meet the different requirements. If the insertion strength is small, the tensile force is large, and the connection is not strong, the mechanical equipment The service life depends on the dimensional accuracy of its connection and quality management work. A waterproof connector is a connector that can be used in an environment with water, and can ensure the internal mechanical and electrical properties of the connector to be used normally under a certain water pressure. Aviation plugs are electromechanical components that connect electrical circuits, so their own electrical parameters are the first consideration when choosing aviation plugs. The correct selection and use of aviation plugs is an important aspect of ensuring circuit reliability. Automotive waterproof connectors in industrial environments, such as LED lighting, urban outdoor lighting projects, lighthouses, cruise ships, aviation, industrial equipment, cables, sprinklers, etc., all need to use waterproof connectors.

These waterproof electrical connectors are generally used in media such as connection resistance and insulation capacity. Good connections are made with socially stable connection resistance, and the resistance is very low, and the connector housing of the connector has its own good heat insulation effect. And it has the ability to withstand voltage economically. This is the conclusion of the rated voltage designed through our many experiments. Most people think that they should be able to know that with the continuous innovation and development of enterprise digital information technology, it can be used as a connection method. Fast data transmission pulse signal.

In addition, the main problems of performance research in the environment of waterproof connectors are reflected in the aspects of high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, vibration resistance, and impact resistance. The waterproof connector can withstand high temperatures of 200 ℃ and low temperatures of -65 ℃. When it is working, its contact The learning method will gradually develop and increase due to the current, and the temperature will continue to rise, so as to protect the waterproof joints. Good work can only be achieved within the rated temperature range. If the company is in a very humid environment for some students, insulation technology The capacity will be reduced, its metal parts will rust and cannot be used, and its other management performance will also be severely affected. It is very important to analyze the performance of vibration and shock, such as in China’s aviation and traffic safety transportation. System performance is particularly important. It can be firmly connected to other mechanical design structures, and it also has a good sealing performance in other living environments.