Key control points of waterproof connector technology

- 2021-09-23-

In the daily wire harness application fields, such as: automobiles, outdoor LED screens, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, etc., all of them are used in rainwater environments, and the waterproof performance of the wire harness is very critical.
1. Choose a connector with waterproof performance
Connecting the machine must provide a safe and reliable connection. Choose an advanced waterproof structure design connector with a waterproof level greater than or equal to IPX7 protection level. Choose a connector produced by a regular manufacturer to ensure a strict quality control system, excellent processing and assembly accuracy, and multiple performance Testing can ensure the waterproof performance of the connector.
2. Wire harness design process
The selection of the wire diameter and the connector must match, and the wire diameter cannot be larger or smaller than the diameter specified by the connector;
3. In the production process
3.1. The waterproof terminal must be crimped with a special crimping mold, and the crimped terminal must meet the relevant technical requirements;
3.2. Heat shrinkage protection of solder joints and connection points: When the wire harness is welded, a heat shrinkable tube must be used for protection. The copper wire must not pierce the heat shrinkable tube, and the heat shrinkable tube must be all wrapped with copper wire. The heat shrinkable tube must meet Relevant technical requirements;
4. Air tightness test

The sealing performance of the waterproof wiring harness is tested by the intelligent sealing detection system. The two ends of the wiring harness are connected to the corresponding tooling, compressed air is passed in, and the pressure test is performed to determine whether the sealing performance is qualified. The test standards are as follows:

Detection pressure: 20KPa;

Inflation time: 10S;
Holding time: 5S;
Test time: 10S;
Pressure loss: ≤0.05 KPWithin the specified time, the pressure loss is less than the specified value, indicating that the sealing performance is good, it meets the requirements of the waterproof wiring harness, and the product performance is qualified. Each waterproof wiring harness must be tested for electrical performance, sealing performance, and appearance to ensure that the product quality is qualified.