Precautions for using waterproof connector

- 2021-09-10-

Precautions for waterproof connector
1. The waterproof connector shall avoid strong impact or falling, so as to avoid damaging the internal structure and affecting the sealing performance.

2. When the waterproof connector is in the separated state, install a protective PA Cheng or take other ways to prevent dust. If it is used for a long time, put a safety between the plug and socket.

3. When cleaning the waterproof connector, you can use the silk cloth soaked in anhydrous ethyl alcohol, which can be used again after ten days of drying, but some chemicals can not be used, such as acetone and other chemical reagents.

4. The waterproof connector is fixed and positioned by threaded connection, and anti loosening equipment is also required for occasions such as harness clamping.

5. When the connected plug and socket are waterproof connectors without positioning shell, in order to ensure the alignment of the fixed plug and socket, the plug and socket shall be fixed in a difficult closing state.

6. When using waterproof connectors, loose tail accessories and stress damage of cable core shall be avoided to avoid affecting the performance.